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The name 'nazka' originates from the 'Lineas de Nazca' or 'Nazca Lines'. The shallow trenches in the ground are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD. The simple but huge figures are only recognizable when taking a larger perspective. The Nazca lines reflect the approach of 'nazka mapps': do not only look at the details but also consider the wider concept of things.

nazka is an enthusiastic team with extensive experience in processing of geo-information, web development, Earth Observation, modelling but also in project management and innovation & development. In short, everything you need to create innovative interactive map applications and location-based APIs.

Ashish Vaidya is a full stack web developer at nazka mapps. He has a master’s degree in "artificial intelligence and big data" and in "information and communication technology". After 5 years as a web developer in other companies, he now helps nazka with his in-depth expertise in several programming languages and tools (javascript, java, python, ...). He is very enthusiastic about science, technology, music and photography. In his free time, he likes to read books, play guitar and make char coal portraits.

Irakli Dautashvili is a full stack web developer at nazka mapps. He is an enthusiastic and curiosity-driven developer, with experience in several modern programming languages and tools (node.js, javascript, ...), both in front and back-end. Irakli has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. He is interested in mathematics, physics and video games. Besides his professional occupation, Irakli is a self-taught musician. With major interest in guitar, he is proficient in several other instruments. Also he thinks he is very proficient in Karaoke (… he isn't).

Olivia Bleeckx is data scientist at nazka mapps. She is specialized in data analysis and modelling using tools such as R, Matlab, QGIS or SQL. Currently, she uses her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge in statistical analysis and programming on aircheckr. Olivia is a MSc in Bio-Engineering specialized in environmental data analysis. Previously, she worked at the Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute. Olivia for sure also knows to enthuse you for acroyoga, cohousing and sustainability.

Danut Codrescu is full stack web developer at nazka. He has a thorough knowledge of different programming languages and frameworks like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Meteor and Node. He is also experienced in different types of databases: Mongo, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Danut is a MSc in Management Science and gained experience in web development at QED. In his spare time, Danut is an enthusiastic long-distance runner and former karate champion. Watch out!

Han Tambuyzer is co-founder of nazka mapps. He likes to put the technological outlines and is strong in client tailored development and implementation of (geo-)applications and workflows . His master in bio-engineering and the years of expertise as a teamleader in spatial and environment-related projects add hereto. He has an eye for design and the finishing touch. Han is a DIY-man with a natural preference for geeky stuff but he amuses himself still the best with the most important side issue of the world: football.

Ides Bauwens is co-founder of nazka mapps. He kicks off new applications with lots of energy and quickly thinks up new ideas and possible solutions. By combining technical with social skills, he forms a strong link between customer and developers. Ides graduated as bio-engineer, and specialized in GIS, Remote Sensing and web development. In his spare time, Ides has telescopic legs, a racing bike covered with dust, and a knight costume to master four kids.

Nicolas Dosselaere is one of the 3 co-founders of nazka mapps. He is a socially committed geo expert, who is actively involved in the complete innovation & development process. This way he is also a driving force behind aircheckr. Nicolas is a Bio-Engineer and MSc “Geo-Information”. Previously, he was head of the department “Remote Sensing Applications” (Eurosense). Nicolas is a modest but passionate sportsman and a less modest imitator of the singing of the Common Rosefinch.