nazka makes smart mapps! Concretely nazka mapps has two major specialities: “interactive map applications” & “spatial analysis”. See below for more information.


The interactive map applications of nazka help you to get your message across, placing particular emphasis on accessibility, simplicity and user friendliness. This way we try to keep the complexity of all the data and the geo-analysis in the background. Here we go beyond the traditional working approach. We think along with you and consider your project as our project. We work with open source and tailor-made designs. We believe that a map is more than just the visualization of localized data. Maps are an excellent mean for communication, able to share and collect information.


Our maps feature animated info boxes and popups. You can turn on and off the (background) layers. You can add new points or features with additional information.

open source

Our applications are based on open source web technology (Leaflet, OSM, CartoDB, MySQL, ...) without license costs, and focused only on the desired functionalities.

tailor-made design

The design is fully tailor-made, according to the envisaged (house) style: modern, hip, simple and always user friendly.


Our maps are designed with a responsive design so that they are optimally accessible on various devices: smartphone, tablet and PC.

made to stick

By integrating social media into our maps, we mobilize a wide audience to view, use and share your maps.


nazka mapps defines together with you the best strategy and creates a map application optimally getting your message across.


Within “spatial analysis”, nazka mapps collects and analyses geographically linked ‘data’ of different sources and converts it into valuable ‘knowledge’, often in the form of a map. This way e.g. nazka maps floods on the basis of satellite imagery.

data collection

For good decision making you need qualitative data. nazka mapps helps to acquire all types of existing (geo)data, like archive satellite imagery or open data, but also helps to create new data sets e.g. through crowdsourcing.

geo data analysis

nazka mapps analyses geographically linked ‘data’ and converts it into valuable ‘knowledge’, often in the form of a map. Some examples: flood mapping, land use/land cover & thermographic heat maps

consultancy & training

You need help? nazka mapps' expertise, background, hands-on mentality and experience in spatial analysis & interactive map applications, can help you in your daily activities.

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