New aircheckr widget: a handy visualisation of air quality, easy to integrate in other websites Check out the aircheckr widget

Posted on - Nicolas Dosselaere
The aircheckr widget has been upgraded. It is not only fancier, but it gives especially more information on the air quality for any location. People can even easily integrate it in their own website and inform their visitors on the air quality.

Besides the aircheckr air quality index, the widget provides comparison values, so you can better interpret your situation. Moreover, it informs you on the current main pollutant(s) and provides recommendations and hints to help yourself. In short, it provides all the air quality info in one visualisation and it is for free.

So how to use the widget? First of all, people can use the widget through our website ( and check at any moment the air quality. Moreover, people can share their air quality in a nice way in a snap through the social media integration. But there is more. If people or organisations have their own website, the widget can easily be integrated in their website. See in short how to do that on It allows to differentiate according to detail level, language (English or Dutch) and the background colour.

Want to check the air quality for your location?

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