Climate Scale downscales climate data to the resolution for local applications View map

Posted on - Ides Bauwens
Climate Scale provides High-resolution climate change data which alows you to to estimate how your city, your asset or your business will be affected by Climate Change. nazka was asked to build the map interface for Climate Scale, and we are very proud to do so!

Build on the consolidated experience of Vortex technology, Climate Scale provides access to high-resolution climate data and climate advisory to businesses and other institutions, enabling the identification of climate change risks and opportunities, helping them to climate-proof their assets and operations. Vortex asked nazka to develop the map interface which provides access to their products and services.

The interactive map lets you browse through the global and local scale of climate change impact. You can celect different scenarios, periods, seasons and type of data to assess the impact of climate change on any region on earth. Explore the global scale or request local scale samples for much more detailed estimations..

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