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Posted on - Ides Bauwens
The Global and African Land Cover viewer allows you to accurately display land use for several years up to 100 m. Commissioned by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), nazka developed these interactive maps to give policy makers, scientists, citizens and media access to one of the most detailed land cover information worldwide.

Based on satellite data from the European Copernicus satellites, VITO calculated the land cover worldwide up to 100m detail. Nazka then translated this data into a clear, interactive map.

Land cover is important information for monitoring climate change, among other things. Did you know that more than 25% of our global emissions depends on our land use? It is crucial that we monitor how we use land, so we can see where it is necessary to intervene. Conversely, climate change also puts strong pressure on our land use. For example, desertification caused by climate change is a major problem in many regions, putting pressure on large groups of people. Keeping an eye on these evolution is therefore crucial, and earth observation via satellites plays a crucial role in this.

Our mission at nazka is to present complex data, such as that from VITO, in a well-organised way. This makes the data accessible to everyone, from policymakers and scientists to citizens and the media.

The Global Land Cover viewer shows global land use by 2015.

The African Land Cover viewer shows the land use in Africa for the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

In the summer of 2020, 2016 - 2018 will also be introduced in the Global Land Cover viewer. 

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