Remote sensing data has great potential for the wind energy sector View project

Posted on - Ides Bauwens
Remote sensing data has the potential to bring back the uncertainty significantly in wind energy modelling. That's the conclusion from recent research by nazka mapps together with 3E.

The wind energy industry still suffers from projects showing significant negative deviations between the initially calculated and actual production values. The development of a new European Wind Atlas must bring back these uncertainties under 10%. Together with 3E and KU Leuven, nazka did research on how these uncertainties can be limited. Previous research had shown that the use of data with higher resolution and more accurate data on land cover roughness can significantly reduce uncertainty. But the lack of such globally accurate data is a major obstacle.

nazka therefore studied how land cover classifications can be generated on-the-fly based on SENTINEL-2 earth observation data, where non-experienced end-users can select his / her area and time period in a straightforward manner. The result of the research is positive and encourages further work. The following steps will focus on the improvement of the classification algorithms and the integration in an interactive application.

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