hoegroenismijngemeente.be visualizes interactively the landuse for each commune in Belgium View project

Posted on - Han Tambuyzer
How green is your neighborhood? Look around and start counting trees and bushes at the mapping application.

This interactive map contains landuse classifications and statistics for each Municipality in Belgium, based on recent acquistions of Sentinel-2 Satellites. It contains a Dutch, French and English version. Check out ! Hoegroenismijngemeente.be or estcequemacommuneestverte.be

The overview map shows you a surface statistic for each landuse class and each municipality.

When a municipality is selected, the side panel provides additional information about land use and other statistics. You can also select a second municipality to compare land use.

This website has been designed to demonstrate the use of modern satellite images from the European Copernicus programme. For Belgian territory, the raw data from the Sentinel satellites is offered by the European Space Agency (ESA) and processed further by VITO (on behalf of BELSPO) under the Terrascope flag. The aim here is to offer free, workable data, information and services to Belgian users. 

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