Geomob Belgium is born #GeomobBE

26 april 2024

What could be better than gathering in an informal atmosphere to gain knowledge and exchange ideas about things that interest you? Especially when it's anything related to maps, geographic data, and location.

However, it's not always easy to find the right setting or platform for this. Conferences and webinars can sometimes be too one-sided, focused heavily on commercial promotion, or too high-level, making them inaccessible to many. Sometimes, the element of fun is also lost during such events. Don't get us wrong, we appreciate all these initiatives and find them valuable, but there seems to be room for something different, something we're eager to explore.

That's why we sought out a forum where anyone doing innovative work in the geo world could have a voice. Geo enthusiasts from hobbyists to businesses, academia, startups, SMEs, or NGOs – everyone is welcome to briefly present their projects or ideas or simply listen to others who do.


This led us to the idea of joining forces with Ben Abelshausen from Anyways to participate in the Geomob initiative. Geomob originated in London and is currently active in cities like Berlin, Finland, Luxembourg, and more. With approval from the "founding fathers" Ed & Steven, we decided to establish a Belgian branch, and thus #GeomobBE was born!

The aim is to meet several times a year and rotate between different cities in Belgium. We intentionally keep it small and low-profile, allowing it to grow and evolve organically. We're already excited about it...

The first Belgian Geomob is scheduled for July 2nd and will take place in Leuven.


We'll kick off at 6:30 PM and aim to have 3-4 interesting #geo speakers/doers share their insights. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for interaction. Afterward, we'll continue the discussions and networking at a nearby bar or café where you'll be treated to #geobeers or something else refreshing.

Do you want to join us? You're welcome! The event is free. Register here:

We're also on the lookout for speakers: If you have an interesting geo story or use case and want to speak, don't hesitate to contact us or register at

We're looking forward to meeting new people and exploring innovative topics in the geo world. Let's inspire each other and help put the Belgian geo world on the map, starting within Belgium itself.

Go Geo Go!

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