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We love collaborating with others

and do so according to certain values and with conviction. This is reflected in our approach to customers & partners, within our team, the technologies we use, and our vision of the world.

Active thinking

We are a company that believes in collaboration as the key to success. Our strong commitment to the customer and the ability to adapt quickly and flexibly are some of our strengths. We actively think along with you, make technically complex processes understandable, and give the customer a say in the design of the final product. The result: an application that both the client and the developer fully endorse.

Digital maps from A to Z

We develop your geodata interface from head to toe. We take care of data visualization and enable data manipulation. Beautifully designed web pages, innovative features, (secure) login/registration, various user roles, CMS,... These are all components that are built around the map and and we are experts in all of them. We love complex challenges but always strive for a simple solution. We work tailor-made, using our meticulously maintained Mapframe.
Often an idea needs to be further refined before the actual development can start. We actively think along with you and put you in the front seat when making decisions about the wireframing-mockup process so that the interface and UX are ultimately completely to your liking.
In short, we are the perfect partner to realize your entire digital mapping project.

Our mapping service, perfectly integrable in your IT environment

We understand that organizations need new digital tools for themselves or for their customers, but may not have the expertise in-house. You may have a development team, but they may not be familiar with mapping technology or complex geodata visualization.

Nazka operates as your mapping expert with expertise in 3 domains: web technology, geo-technology, and engineering. By bridging the gap between geographic technology and web technology, we can build the right digital tools and interfaces for you or your own users/customers. These are always compatible with your own services or technology.

We build the interface and provide the middleware to communicate with your data warehouse, API services, or models. We are also specialists in visualizing earth observation data.
Through our Mapframe embed, we offer a map component that can be easily integrated into your application. You retain control over the behavior and content of the map, which is dynamically controlled from your own application.

We become your ideal mapping partner, as an extension of your development or engineering team.