We are

dynamic, innovative, socially conscious, out of the box, involved, and agile.

Nazka Mapps is a young company based in Leuven (Belgium). We are both mapping expert and mapping partner. We focus on making (geo)data more accessible and understandable by developing smart interactive web applications that are designed to be user-friendly, even for individuals without a strong background in geography.

We work tailored to our customer or support them both technically and project-wise with our expertise. We have a passion for complex digital mapping solutions and strive to ensure compatibility with other systems to prevent any technology lock-in. Our company is not afraid to be innovative in our sector, and we are committed to realizing and facilitating geo-technological challenges through our support of others.

With a mission

We have a strong commitment to carrying out meaningful projects that prioritize societal benefits over just economic growth. At Nazka, we prioritize addressing the challenges faced by both current and future generations. Our applications are centered around themes such as climate, mobility, and health. Additionally, we strive to promote responsible entrepreneurship through our business practices.

Our team

We are a dedicated and international team of web developers, geographers, engineers, data scientists, and graphic designers. Our team is diverse, agile, hands-on, and has a strong background in mapping, (open) data, remote sensing, GIS, and last but definitely not least, web applications.

Nazka is inspired by the "Lineas de Nazca" or "Nazca Lines." The shallow trenches in the ground in the Nazca desert (Peru) were made between 400 and 650 AD. The simple but enormous figures are only recognizable when viewed from a larger perspective.

This also reflects the approach of Nazka Mapps: paying attention to details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Originated in the Nazkaravan

Nazka originated during a brainstorming session in this Nazkaravan and was founded in 2012 by Han Tambuyzer, Ides Bauwens, and Nicolas Dosselaere. These three bio-engineers bridged their expertise in remote sensing, geographic information, and environmental sciences to develop web applications and digital map interfaces.

Since 2018, Managing Partners Ides and Han have continued to expand Nazka with a goal of giving the Nazkians the opportunity to shine in what they truly enjoy, while earning a living through developing digital mapping applications. Mapps that matter.

If you need our logo or other visuals, be sure to check out our press page.