Mapping is like breathing to us...

We are both a mapping partner and mapping expert for all your projects or applications. With our approach and expertise, we will find a suitable answer to your geodata question together.

Mapping partner

Nazka Mapps realizes your entire digital mapping project from A to Z. We actively think along and build a map UX tailored to your needs. We focus on the necessary functionalities and provide beautiful visualizations according to the rules of the art. We like to collaborate and build the appropriate tools and middleware, easily integrable into your own services and applications. Are you missing geo-expertise in your development team or do you want to focus only on backend and engineering? Our team of web developers, designers, and GIS engineers is an extension of your development or engineering team.

Mapping expert

Nazka is the specialist in working with geodata and interactive maps. We closely follow the latest developments and always go for a tailored solution. With our expertise in GIS, Remote Sensing, and (open) geodata, we translate complex datasets and research results into user-friendly web applications, accessible on both laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We have an open mind and can handle all popular data formats and mapping libraries.


Our Mapframe is the cornerstone of our success in building high-quality, customized web applications that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our Mapframe saves valuable time in the development process by providing a solid foundation that adheres to industry standards and conventions, ensuring stability, performance, and security. It seamlessly integrates with popular mapping libraries like Mapbox, Maplibre, Leaflet, and Google Maps, allowing us to create the ideal map interface for your project in just a matter of weeks. Don't forget to check out our Mapframe demo to see the incredible results we can achieve. If you already have your own application, our Mapframe embed service enables you to integrate our Mapframe seamlessly into your existing application.

Innovation and Technology

At Nazka Mapps, we are dedicated to innovation and thrive on solving complex challenges, such as those related to earth observation, AI, and geodata visualization. We continually update our technology stack with the latest frameworks and libraries in the fast-paced and ever-evolving fields of web mapping and geo-visualization. This allows us to remain agile and quickly respond to changing market and customer demands. In addition, we collaborate with research projects and universities to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.