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We are at the intersection of geographical data and web technology.

By focusing on this, we can safely call ourselves a unique expert. Add a pinch of engineering and social relevance. “Nazka Mapps it is”

Interactive map applications
We believe that a map is more than just the visualization of location data. Maps are a form of communication that can be used to share, analyze, and collect information. For our maps, we emphasize accessibility, performance, and ease of use.
Web and cloud technology at the core
We work entirely web-based and use open standards (W3C, OGC). We go beyond the traditional GIS approach. Our maps and tools are perfectly integrable into other websites or applications. We manage and install our mapps ourselves in the cloud and scale seamlessly with the number of visitors.
An API-centric approach
We combine your (geo)data with external (open) data streams and web services. We unlock this enriched data via location-based APIs. Our applications are always API-centric, making your data suddenly reusable and useful for many other purposes.

Location-based information for

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How we approach projects: a concrete 10-step plan

Below you will find our general approach. Of course, the emphasis on certain phases can vary greatly depending on the customer, objectives, and needs of the project itself. A project from A to Z typically takes 2 to 4 months.


We provide a detailed quotation upon your request or based on a tender. In addition to the price, we also provide a nice overview of the scope, functional analysis, and plan of approach.


When the price quote is approved, we start with a kick-off meeting of the project. The scope, challenges, risks, and timing are further adjusted in consultation with the customer.


Afterwards the analysis phase starts, which aims to get a good understanding of the data model, architecture, and user requirements.


Together with the analysis phase, the wireframing process starts, with the emphasis on the logic and navigation in the map. The wireframing visually shows what the different elements will look like on the map application and what happens when interacting with these elements, both visually and functionally.

Step 5: MOCKUP

After an iterative consultation of the wireframing with the client, the creative process of the mockups can be started. They almost represent the final design of the interface as it will look after development. Nazka regularly develops a nice design itself. It also happens that we continue to work on the graphic design of an external partner or of the client itself.


For development, we employ the Scrum methodology in regular sprints. Using the Mapframe, we configure both the backend and frontend aspects. Once this is complete, we proceed with custom development, including design, functionality implementation, data interaction, and visualization.


In accordance with our timeline, we release a series of preliminary versions of the application in a secure testing environment prior to the final version. This enables close client involvement in the process, allowing them to test and provide feedback.


Following each testing phase, we generate a feedback list and conduct an evaluation. We then proceed with debugging to address relevant bugs and implement changes within the defined scope.

Step 9: LAUNCH

During this phase, the map application is deployed to the production environment and made available online to the end user. We highly recommend implementing a communication process to announce the launch.


Nazka offers corrective maintenance to ensure the stability and high performance of the web application online. Typically, a Service Level Agreement is established, outlining specific support arrangements in the event of errors or issues, as well as expectations for the level of service provided. Hosting services involve cloud-based storage and delivery of databases, applications, engines, and media. This phase commences upon the launch of the map application online and is renewed annually.