CLIMRES in Athens

13 june 2024

In early June, a Nazka PM was asked to spend a few days in Athens again. Underneath a blazing sun, the kick-off meeting of a new European project was held: CLIMRES!

After the kick-off meeting of the Buildspace project in February 2023, the time had come again to travel to the Greek capital for a new European Horizon project: CLIMRES. This time around, we did not encounter snow on top of the Akropolis as we arrived in a city covered in sunshine. The temperatures were rising fluently to 38°C as the earliest heatwave ever recorded in Greece had just started. These unusually high temperatures take us right to the reason why 21 partners from 10 European countries all traveled to the offices of SingularLogic: CLIMRES.

Heatwaves, floods, wildfires, ... All of them become more intense and happen more frequently because of climate change. In particular, the urban environments are hit extremely hard by the consequences of global warming. With CLIMRES, we want to roll up our sleeves and do something about it. We focus on answering the following questions: How can buildings be made more resilient against natural disasters? And how do individual building measures affect the resilience of neighbourhoods or cities? At CLIMRES, we are working towards innovative solutions.

CLIMRES will provide several solutions in the form of innovative architectural designs, a portfolio of out-of-the-box measures and techniques and different services and platforms to visualize the effects of measures clearly on maps. And that is Nazka's specialty! We are honoured to, together with our partners, create another mapp that matters.

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