NEWA: the New European Wind Atlas

The New European Wind Atlas provides access for wind professionals and other stakeholders like researchers and teachers to relevant datasets of the wind potential. The map and data on European scale originated within the European NEWA project in cooperation with different universities and private partners. In the NEWA map more than 200 raster layers on 2 resolutions (micro and meso scale) are provided by means of and interactive layer selector. Upon first visit, users are asked to select their background (educator, researcher, wind farm developer,...) to suggest the most interesting layers according to their user type. Furthermore the majority of these layers is also available for download with API requests. A convenient time slider tool makes it also possible to review and compare monthly data. The New European Wind Atlas provides data on the European Scale for everyone interested in wind energy. The application possibilities are endless: from students that use the Atlas while writing their thesis to developers of wind farms who want to have a quick rough estimate of a certain parameter in a certain location in Europe.
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