All bicycle parking facilities in Belgium are on is a digital platform that collects and visualizes all information about bicycle parking facilities in Belgium for everyone. The data on bicycle parking is immediately available as open data for websites (cities and municipalities, De Lijn, NMBS) and online applications. The information is always up-to-date and accessible anywhere. Velopark is a project of Fietsberaad Vlaanderen and was created in collaboration with Imec, MORE LION, and of course, ourselves, Nazka Mapps. Velopark is more than a digital map visualization. It allows you to add the data of your bicycle parking facility in a standardized way as linked open data. This data is also available through an API for reuse in other applications. Are you the operator of a facility that wants to add bicycle parking facilities to Velopark? Create an account at This way, you will have immediate access and a management system for your bicycle parking facilities. We consider Velopark a project of the future because we strongly support sustainable transportation through cycling. This includes bicycle parking. Essential for this is high-quality data, which you can find on Velopark!
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