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We are Nazka Mapps
We specialize in interactive mapping applications and location-based services addressing critical societal topics, including climate change, mobility, environment, and health. We design geo-ict solutions to drive positive change. Let's collaborate and shape a more sustainable and impactful future together!

What We Do

Your Mapping Specialist

We offer you customized and cloud-based mapping platforms that simplify complex data for your users. Thanks to our Mapframe technology, we can swiftly develop high-performance applications tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured, we are here to deliver exceptional results for you. We are your go-to mapping partner and mapping expert.

Mapps that matter for society

We're driven by projects that have a positive impact on society, not just financial gains. Our innovative solutions seamlessly integrate the geo- and earth observation ecosystem with web development, all in the cloud. Our mission is to make geo-information easily accessible and highly valuable, providing insights that improve environment, enhance mobility, promote better health, and tackle climate challenges effectively.

Innovation and research

We prioritize innovation and research to stay ahead in our field. Through collaboration with universities, colleges, and research institutions, we continuously strive to be at the forefront of the latest developments. We enjoy tackling geo-technological challenges and are happy to assist others in realizing their own geo-related goals. Our areas of expertise include Earth Observation and engineering-related projects.

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We believe in collaboration as a key to success. Our strong commitment to our customers and ability to adapt quickly and flexibly are some of our strengths. We collaborate with engineering firms, research institutions, universities, governments, web agencies, and interest groups.

Here are some of our clients and partners:
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