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Location-based information for

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  • Interactive Mapping Applications

    We believe that a map is more than a simple visualisation of markers. Our maps are a new way of communication, with the ability to share information but also to analyse and collect data. We hide the complexity of geo-analysis processes and data layers for the user. We focus on user-friendliness and easy accessibility. We go beyond the typical approach. We work fully web-based, with open source libraries and customized designs. Our mapps give you new insights.

  • Data Services

    We combine your data with external (open) data-streams and webservices. We enclose your data through enriched location-based services (API's), ready to implement in other applications. All your data becomes visible at one glance.

  • Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing

    Looking for experts in geospatial data? We process and analyse satellite images and other sensor-data to web-ready geo-products. Do you need an easy integration of your geospatial layers into a web viewer, smart data visualisations or performant tools to process your data. We can do it.

  • Innovative geographical applications

    The team of nazka has strong expertise in research and development of new innovative projects. We make geographical data useful and accessible and built the appropriate web tools and web services to accomplish this. Do not hesitate to contact us, when you need support the development of a prototype or advice during a research trajectory.

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