WIMBY project meeting in Vienna

5 february 2024

In January it was time for the second in person assembly of the WIMBY project. This time we were welcomed by our partner in Vienna (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien).

Nazka Mapps travelled to Vienna by train for the WIMBY (Wind In My Backyard) project (in this blog post you can find more info about the project). It was a nice reunion with all the partners!

On day 1 all the partners gave a status update about their work package and presented their preliminary results. As a team building exercise, we built wind turbines in group with straws, paper and tape.


Day 2 was all about workshops during which all partners rolled up their sleeves to help. Nazka Mapps organised a workshop about the first sketches of the interactive map (wireframes). All partners were able to give feedback on this first version by means of post-its. Wat did they like? What could be improved? Are there questions or new ideas? We went home with a suitcase literally filled with feedback.


You can find more information and pictures on the WIMBY website.

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