Earth Observation for Sustainable Development & Disaster Risk Reduction

The Earth Observation for Sustainable Development Disaster Risk Reduction (EO4SD DRR) is an initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA) aimed at utilizing satellite Earth Observation (EO) to manage natural and man-made hazards and risks. It is conducted in collaboration with International Financing Institutions (IFIs) to promote the use of EO in applications related to disaster management. The project portfolio includes a range of Earth Observation tools and supporting geo-information services that contribute to reducing disaster risk in the pre-event phase (hazard, exposure, vulnerability, and risk mapping) as well as in the post-event phase (reconstruction monitoring). Nazka developed a method to quickly deploy an interactive disaster management map with all the relevant hazard information (from service providers). As an example we built in very short notice an interactive map for the Sulawesi Tsunami and Earthquake of September 2018. The map contains information on landcover , flood susceptibility and building stability. It helped to address in a first stage the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the zone and then eventually applying mitigation measures.
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