Water Quality Monitor

The VMM has the task of measuring and reporting surface water quality in Flanders. The quality element phytoplankton is reported on the basis of chlorophyll-a concentrations and is currently being measured manually in 100 rivers and 16 lakes. Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite images, that are available every 5 days, and remote sensing technology can be used to produce maps and time series of chlorophyll-a. These chlorophyll-a products are provided to VMM in rear-real-time via the online Water Quality Monitor platform developed here at Nazka Mapps, in collaboration with VITO and AIV. The Water Monitor allows VMM to easily search, navigate and monitor chlorophyll-a temporally and spatially for Flemish water bodies. We at Nazka Mapps are experts in the integration of remote sensing-data in performant map applications with a user friendly interface. Our maps improve and professionalise the daily workflow of the client. The Water Quality Monitor is an efficient alternative to the time-consuming field measurements, gives a more global overview on the full waterbody both in space and time, and helps with a more efficient reporting for Europe.
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